Vidzemes Creative industries meet in Vecpiebalga

Created/updated 11.04.2019 17:12

Interreg Europe Cult-CreaTE Stakeholders from Vidzeme met in Piebalgas Porcelain factory in order to talk about the project's goals and clarify the creative industries that will have the focus during the implementation of the project. 

The project focuses on the information of the CCIs current situation and set the strategic goals for the defined industries. During the meeting, eight creative industries were presented as organizations to develop.

Organizations for the developments are as follows:

1) Piebalgas Porcelain factory

2) Clay Meal festival in Vaidava (Mālēdiena festivāls, Vaidavā)

3) Former Railway station in Kangari, Ropažu municipality

4) Museum of Veidenbaum  "Kalāči"

5) Creative Worshop house "Mailītes",  Ērgļi municipality

6) Maruta Raude artist centre in Mārupe

7) Museum of Daugava, Salaspils

8) International textile festival “Divi Jūliji”, Gulbene


In order to assess the creative potential of representatives, all participants shared their ideas as the best way to tell about their activities, highlighting their uniqueness. Attention was drawn also to the "Cultural and creative tourism trends in the Baltic region. Storytelling and product development.

The meeting followed with the visiting the Pieblagas Porcelain factory. It is famous for its own design and excellent quality. Each of the participants had a chance not just to hear about the history and complicity of the porcelain but also had a possibility to be the designer of the special porcelain cup.


Alise Plaude,

Cult-Create PR and Communication specialist