2nd CHRISTA workshop on Industrial Heritage Tourism

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2nd CHRISTA workshop on Industrial Heritage Tourism, Vidzeme Tourism Association

The second interregional workshop with study visits dedicated to ‘Industrial heritage Tourism’ took place in Borås on 14 – 16 March 2017, organised by Region of Vastra Gotaland/Vastarvet, at an old industrial site transformed into the Textile Fashion Centre.

In the workshop participated all CHRISTA partners with their stakeholders and policy makers, as well as guest speaker European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage E-FAITH and external experts on the industrial heritage from University of Rijeka, Centre for Industrial Heritage, commissioned by partner European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN).

The first day started with study visits to Gothenburg industrial heritage in the harbour of Gothenburg to see the transformation of the area, from shipbuilding and docks to an area for business, research, education and exclusive residential complexes. This visit was followed by presentation on a platform for cooperation by Tourism Board West Sweden at Gothenburg City Museum, visit at one of the industrial heritage sites flavour mill Melltorps såg and the Limmared Glassworks cultural centre with museum and creative activities, a place which is known as main supplier of the world-famous Absolut Vodka bottle and good example on local volunteers and refugee’s engagement in the operation of the establishment.

The second day started with presentations of industrial heritage assets in 9 partner regions and their best practices in deploying these assets for cultural tourism development and promotion.

External experts, Ivana Golob Mihić and Ema Makarun from University of Rijeka Centre for Industrial Heritage presented state of the art in the in Industrial Heritage for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism by short terminology overview, international associations dealing with industrial heritage, existing charters with tourism aspects, examples of cultural monuments and sites and reuse for tourism purposes. It was followed by presentation on how Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture 2020 developing industrial heritage tourism with conclusions.

Guest speaker, Mr Adriaan Linters, Secretary General of E-FAITH, highlighted industrial heritage with link to tourism at pan-European level, presented work of E-FAITH plan for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

He also presented work of COSME project Genius Loci, which aims to enhance tourism related to industrial heritage and will provide to tourist operators specific tools and methodologies to increase the tourism flow to the industrial heritage sites.

He also provided some recommendations on how to preserve and deploy industrial heritage for tourism including engagement of volunteers.

The working session continued in seven groups that discussed and explored industrial heritage between the participants with focus on the potential for industrial heritage and tourism and cooperation between the actors in the tourism sector.

The day ended with Synthesis and conclusions of the workshop by the workshop organisers

with the contribution of the external expert and ECTN policy advisor.

CHRISTA project is made possible by the financial support from the European Union – the Interreg Europe programme and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



Ieva Treija, CHRISTA Communication Manager, European Cultural Tourism Network

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