Greenways line Limbaži-Katvari oficially opened!

Created/updated 17.10.2014 16:45

During the World Tourism Day, on September 27th, the new Limbaži-Katvari greenway has been officially opened. 7km long, it connects the Hanseatic town Limbaži and beautiful Katvari lake. The greenway can be used for cyclists, hikers and also skiers in winter. It is foreseen that in the future the development of the greenway will continue.

The event was included in World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) event list as one of the activity for World Tourism Day Celebration- check it here

The  greenway line from Limbaži to Katvari parish "Purmaļi" was established by EU support. Limbaži local governmnet has received funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Project was supervised by local action group "Brasla" and the Rural Support Service

To realize the work track was stripped from the bushes. During the project were removed rail sleepers and the track improved for hiking, cycling etc. activities. The total project cost was 10 322.93 euros, where municipal co-financing was 2,645.13 euros.  The part established during the project was connected to the part of the existing trail already  made by local inicative group leader Jānis Krūmiņš.

Limbaži municipality is also a partner of Vidzeme tourism association in the EU project GreenWays Product

On 20th of May, 2014 the Latvian GreenWays Association (LGWA) was established , Limbaži municipality is one of the 11 local founders from  municipalities of Vidzeme (Northern Latvia) and Kurzeme (Western Latvia). 

The future plans are to develop the existing greenway line Limbaži- Katvari and to make new one by connecting Skulte to Limbaži. (direction towards Saulkrasti, the abandoned part around 32 kilometers where around 10 km can already be used)

‍Insights from history: Riga - Rūjiena railway line was opened in stages. Construction work began in the spring of Year 1923 with a track width of 750 mm, but in January 1930 passed a law which stated that the new railway had to be built as a broad gauge.

‍The first train arrived in Limbaži at 15th of  September Year 1934, bur the last passenger  train left Limbaži station on 19 July 1999. For 2 more years till Year 2001 Limbaži station and railway line was used for freight trains, after that  and the station was no longer used. (Source: book " Old Limbaži ", 2008. Limbaži museum)