Green Railway

Revitalization of former Narrow Gauge Railway lines through environmentally responsible tourism route

Created/updated 01.07.2019 15:28

The general aim of the Green Railway project is to create a new non-motorized tourism route for both locals and visitors, using old narrow-gauge railway causeways in South-Estonia and North-Latvia.

Historically railways have been important part of local and regional development. In past having railway passing your town or village meant possibilities for development, potential customers for your services and many other advantages. By creating Green Railway tourism route we create a trail, that can once again bring additional development potential to local regions as it will be historically and culturally interesting for potential visitors and at the same time is available for hiking/cycling by people with different ability and interest either by foot, bike or by other means of light traffic, (and on skis in winter seasons). Moreover, the trail that runs along old railway lines is normally suitable for travellers at all ages, since there are no too steep ups and downs and the trail runs along a very different-looking nature.

Project Green Railways has 24 partners: 

1 Vidzemes Tūrisma asociācija (Project Lead Partner)
2 Latvijas zaļo ceļu asociācija
3 Alojas novada dome
4 Alūksnes novada dome
5 Apes novada dome
6 Amatas novada pašvaldība
7 Kocēnu novada dome
8 Mazsalacas novada pašvaldība
9 Rūjienas novada pašvaldība
10 Salacgrīvas novada dome
11 Valkas novada dome
12 Gulbenes novada dome
13 Limbažu novada pašvaldība
14 Valmieras pilsētas pašvaldība
15 Vecpiebalgas novada pašvaldība
16 Pašvaldības aģentūra “Cēsu Kultūras un Tūrisma centrs”
17 Viljandi Linnavalitsus
18 Viljandi Vallavalitsus
19 Halliste Vallavalitsus
20 Mulgimaa Arenduskoda MTÜ
21 Valga Linnavalitsus
22 Taheva Vallavalitsus
23 Mõniste Vallavalitsus
24 Mõisakula Linnavalitsus


1. The 8th European Greenways awards have been given (Project Green Railway activity outside programme area)

Total budget of the Project: 1 174 938 EUR, 85%:  998 697.36 EUR is financed by ERDF fund

The budget of Vidzeme Tourism Association in the project is 188 748 EUR; 85% or 160 435.80 EUR is co-financed by the ERDF.

Project duration: 01.03.2017–30.04.2019.

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