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Hiking Route Along the Baltic Sea Coastline in Latvia – Estonia

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Vidzeme Tourism Association is as a partner in the project „Hiking Route Along the Baltic Sea Coastline in Latvia – Estonia”, EST-LAT 22. 

Project goals

Project goal is to develop a hiking tourism route along the Baltic sea coastline in Estonia and Latvia. The route will stretch along the Southwest coastline in Latvia, starting from the border with Lithuania and through Latvia (~532km) to Laane county region in Estonia (382km) and further to the capital of Estonia – Tallinn in total ca 1100 km. The hiking route will be a sustainable tourism product that highlights cultural and natural heritage along the coastline, is friendly to nature, cultural environment and local economy.

One of the highest added values of the project is a tourism product that is developed jointly and covers territories in two countries.

Expected project results

Within the project framework, by involving local communities, municipalities and entrepreneurs, until October 2019 following activities will be carried out:
• the whole route will be inspected;
• the visual identity of the route will be developed;
• guidelines for route marking will be issued;
• the route will be physically marked in nature;
• information stands and direction signs will be put up;
• coastal electronic event calendar will be created;
• guidelines for entrepreneurs "Service provision for hikers" will be issued;
• a guidebook, a coastal tourism map and a handbook for tour operators will be published and distributed;
• a home page of the route, as well as profiles in social networks and other marketing related activities will be carried out.

Project partners:

Country Tourism Associations of Latvia - Lauku Ceļotājs - and Estonia - MTÜ Eesti Maaturism, NGO West Estonia -Lääne-Eesti Turism, 3 coastal municipalities in Latvia - Carnikava, Saulkrasti and Salacgrīva Municipalities, Kurzeme Planning Region and Vidzeme Tourism Association, Latvia.

Partners under Vidzeme Tourism association:Live RigaJūrmalaLimbažu novads

Budget of the Project: ERDF: 1 174 938 EUR, project partners: EUR 163 460. 67
Project duration: 01.02.2017.–30.01.2020.





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