Vidzeme Tourism Association joins European Cultural Tourism Network

12.12.2012 14:52
Vidzeme Tourism Association joins European Cultural Tourism Network, Vidzeme Tourism Association

On November 27, during VTAs' Board meeting the membership of Vidzeme Tourism Association in the European Cultural Tourism Network was approved. The future cooperation will strengthen Vidzeme as a culture destination in Europe, and also promote the implementation of culture projects in the future. The membership comes as no surprise, as the CHARTS project that VTA is currently impelementing, is stressing the necessity for effective partnerships, and Vidzeme tourism industry will definately benefit from the membership through various contacts and participation in future projects.


The decision to form the European Cultural Tourism Network arose out of a conference on Cultural Tourism held in Brussels in February 2003 which was attended by representatives of 17 countries. It was clear from the delegates that a network was required to bring together people working in tourism and the cultural industries throughout Europe.

ECTN is the only network which brings the tourism and cultural industry professionals working in different regions of Europe together to exchange experience and information on best practice. The agreed objectives for the network are to:

  • facilitate sharing of research
  • facilitate the development of transnational projects
  • ensure improved cooperation and integration between the tourism and cultural sectors
  • develop and improve training opportunities
  • enable exchange of experience and best practice
  • develop common responses to European Commission consultations
  • link with other networks