TOP Places to visit in Sigulda this autumn

25.10.2012 18:01
TOP Places to visit in Sigulda this autumn, Vidzeme Tourism Association

The Turaida Museum Reserve. Turaida Museum Reserve is a multi-faced museum with a medieval castle, wooden church, the romantic legend about Rose of Turaida, sculpture garden dedicated to Latvian folklore, as well as the estate buildings and the renewed pound cascade all telling about events more than 1 000 years old. The name “Turaida” is from the ancient Liv language and means “The Garden of God”.

Opening hours:
01.-05.-31.10. 09:00 – 20:00

Entrance fee: 3.50 LVL/ 5 €

Gauja National Park. Founded in 1973, it is the oldest natural park in Latvia. It focuses on the protection of nature areas hardly touched by human hands and characterized by great biological diversity, rock outcrops and various terrain shapes, springs, picturesque scenery, and countless natural and cultural monuments. The most important part and the heart of Gauja National Park – the Primeval valley of the Gauja River. Do not miss to try cycling route in the Gauja National Park and canoeing down the Gauja River!

Gutmans Cave (Gūtmaņala). Famous for the inscriptions and initials on its walls, it is also the biggest grotto in the Baltic States located in the very heart of The Gauja National Park. Countless legends and tales tell half true, half fictious stories about senturies old events.

Sigulda Medieval Castle and Sigulda New Castle. Placed in between two countries – Livonia and Riga Archbishopric, Sigulda belonged to the Order of Sword Brothers. In 1207 the castle was built as convent building. After the Northern War castle was destroyed. Today The Ruins of Sigulda Medieval castle hosts open-air stage. Sigulda New castle built in 1881 was the living quarter of Sigulda Manor owners – Duke Kropotkin, founder of Sigulda as recreation and tourism city, first bobsled track, aero-moto club, ski slopes.

Krimulda Manor centre and Medieval Castle Ruins. Construction of the living quarters for Krimulda manor owners began in 1848 by prince Liven. Estate includes manor keeper living house and farm houses as well as beautiful garden. In honour of the Imperator Alexander II visit to Sigulda, prince renovated Krimulda Medieval Castle Ruins (castle was built in the middle of 13th century) by adding a wall with gothic style

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