Sauna party at Laimes Ligzda

02.05.2013 10:38

The recreation complex „Laimes ligzda” (the Nest of happiness) is located in 80 km from Riga city and 8 km from Cesis town. Cesis is a small place with a history as long as 800 years and can offer very interesting sight seeing places, such as medieval castle ruins, landscape parks and church built in 13th century. 

The product offered will help you explore Latvian culture and traditions.  This is in an excellent opportunity to take a rest and dine out well. 

This is planned as an evening activity after a long travelling day, but it can also take place in midday. Approximate duration – 5 hours. The activities offered will take place at a homelike log house, cozy sauna building, and open-air terrace nearby forest, accompanied by hospitality of the hostess.

A short description: Upon arrival of guests at the guest house „Turaidas zieds”, they are received by hostess and accordion player. The guests are offered beer and pies. The hostess tells about the food offered and the guests are kindly invited to try it.  The accordion player is making the background music and involves the guests in singing and dancing (2 hours).  When the guests have dined and dance well, the sauna man arrives. He tells about Latvian sauna traditions. After that the guests in small groups departs for sauna, where under the guidance of sauna man, they take bathing. There is an opportunity to take swimming after sauna in the local pond.

At a good weather, the table for dining can be made at open-air terrace.

Strong drinks can be order if desired.

The „Sauna evening” programme costs  500 LVL for group of 30 people, or 17 LVL per person.

In the price following costs are included: the rent of sauna and dining room, guidance by a professional a sauna man, the accordion player, 30 liters of Piebalga beer and a richly served table with cold snacks (including dessert, coffee and fruits). It is also possible to order a full three course dinner table.
You can order it by e-mail [email protected] or calling +371 29424941.

Hoping for a successful collaboration,  the hostess of „Laimes ligzda” Iveta Sproge.

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