Celebrate at Priedes Krogs (the pinetree Pub)

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For centuries, pubs have had  a significant role in Latvian daily life. This has been a place for travellers to stop for a while, to have a meal or to stay for a night and find out the latest news and rumours of the neighbourhood. Here, Latvian peasants with pleasure had a mug or two of a drink after work. The stories of the funny events in the pub, both, above the table and under it, have found their reflection in Latvian songs. 

The times are changing, many pubs on roadsides have vanished and finished their existence, but PRIEDES PUB, built in 1841, at Vecumnieki Community, Bauska District, is still standing, although in another location - in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum.  Everything is genuine here: the Big Hall with the bread oven, the large chimney and the pastor’s chamber. One can feel the smell of the past and the ancient stories are still alive here.

In PRIEDES PUB the bread is still being baked in the big oven, just like centuries ago. Travellers, party goers and guests of weddings can have a delicious traditional meal here. Both, beer and spirits have the same taste as it has been a hundred years ago. And as it has to be in a real pub the host, Rolands, is taking care of all the guests, to make sure that everyone has had a good meal, enough drink and lots of fun.

Just half an hour’s drive away  from  Riga City  centre,  you  will  find  peace  and  silence , as well as some great Latvian traditional food and a really unforgettable atmosphere.  The pub is located on the territory of the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum.

After a visit to the museum, the visitors are expected to pop in for a “Sunday lunch‘’, and also newlyweds are kindly welcome for a Latvian traditional feast here.

We welcome guests, both, from near and far who would like to try some real rye bread and roast pork cooked in the bread oven.

We kindly invite everyone who wishes to enjoy a special nature tune of the surroundings and a tasty meal, as well.

We can receive up to 120 guests simultaneously. There are two halls in the pub.  The Big Hall can be used for dining, but the Small Hall for dancing, coffee and sweets. If the number of visitors is smaller, the Big Hall normally is being used for activities and the Small Hall for the feast. There is also a room where one can take a short break. To make your party funnier, in collaboration with the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum, we offer demonstrations of traditional crafts, bread and honey tasting, candle casting, presentations of Latvian folk music and folkdance, as well as  dishes of our national cuisine, such as a surprisingly tasty soup cooked in a huge pot on open fire. One of our special offers is a selection of traditional cakes, pastries and biscuits, as well as candies from a local confectionary.

We provide theme decoration of rooms and tables for every particular event. If the weather is nice, it is possible to have a party outdoors, then   a special taste to it is given by grilled or roasted meats on an open fire, along with a mug of Latvian beer.

Offsite Events

If it too little space for you at our pub, we can provide meals at andy place bu your choise. Events up to 1000 people can be served, both, indoors and outdoors.  We install If it is too little space for you at our pub, we can provide meals at any place by your choice. sheds and provide them with the necessary equipment for events being held in yards, meadows, at the seaside or forest outskirts.  We offer banquets, buffets, barbeques, coffee breaks, cocktail parties, corporative and entertaining events. We provide  the support staff,  decoration of rooms and tables, as well as an alternative source of electric power. There are various menus on offer that would meet any tastes of our customers. It is also possible to make your own individual solution for a special occasion event.
All the couples willing to have their wedding at The Priedes Pub are warmly and sincerely welcome here.

Special Offters

At the weekends the traditional bread baking is taking place in the Big Bread Oven at The Priedes Pub.  It is conducted by the host Rolands.  Visitors can also take an active part in it.  What can be better than the bread shaped and baked by your own hands, placed on the maple leaves, and tasted immediately when just out of the oven? The smell of the warm bread in the old pub makes your spirits brighter, improves your mood and appetite, and makes you feel just like at home.    

Our special offer includes dishes cooked in the bread oven, such as roast meat, stewed sauerkraut, and haunch of lamb, crispy potatoes and a whole roasted piglet. This offer might be of a particular interest to your foreign guests, as this is the only place in Latvia, where a genuine historical bread oven is still being used for cooking, just like in ancient times. The musicians playing the accordion, singing popular traditional table songs and encouraging you to dance will help you to enjoy even a more pleasant meal. The offer is suitable for groups with more than 20 people.

The price depends on the menu and the entertaining program chosen. 

Group Meals

We offer traditional meals for tourist groups. It is possible to choose one of the menus offered, as well as some of the entertaining programs – tasting and purchasing Latvian traditional food and products, watching crafts demonstrations, minting coins or enjoying a short presentation of folkmusic.

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