New Vidzeme (North Latvia) cycling maps in 8 languages

12.02.2013 15:53
New Vidzeme (North Latvia) cycling maps in 8 languages, Vidzeme Tourism Association

Vidzeme seaside stands out with picturesque landscapes and a large variety of nature objects. There are high sand dunes and sandstone cliffs, as well as a stony beach and the peculiar randu or seaside meadows. You will cross several unique nature territories – Seaside Nature Park, Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, the most beautiful rivers in Latvia and districts with their own unique cultural heritage. Vidzeme offers a great atmosphere for both those, who are fond of popular recreation sites, and those looking for remote beaches or fishermen villages. Everyone taking the exciting cycling tour will find an accommodation and places to eat in one of the cosy guest houses, hotels or camping sites.

You can download the maps in *.pdf format below (~10 MB/map). Printed maps are available in Vidzeme tourism information centres as well as distributed during international tourism fairs.

The maps have been prepared thanks to CentralBalticCycling project

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