Balttour 2013 - already here!

29.01.2013 17:17
Balttour 2013 - already here!, Vidzeme Tourism Association

The 20th International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2013”, 8–10 February at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia, invites everyone to see and enjoy the new season’s hottest and most cost-effective travel opportunities and deals in Latvia, the Baltic States and around the world.

Smiltene Municipality to Present Farmstead Crafts and Skills

Smiltene Municipality, local businesspeople and artisans will present and teach to visitors different farmstead crafts and skills in their stand at the 20th International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2013” to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 8–10 February.

The Smiltene stand will be built in a form of a farmstead kitchen. Seducing smell of farmstead treats will lure you to the Smiltene stand where farmer’s wife and her household will give a warm welcome to everybody, invite to taste her cooking and let you indulge your taste buds with yummy local dishes. You will have an opportunity to help her household too – to mill flour, to warp wool, to make a crazy quilt. Time will stand still for a while giving you a warm and welcoming feeling.

Come, you will be welcome at Smiltene stand!

Emphasizing the theme of nature, Ogre and Ikšķile will be presented at travel tradeshow Balttour 2013

From 8 to 10 February representatives of Ogre and Ikšķile Tourism Development Agency (OITDA) will attend International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2013” in the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. This year emphasis is placed on the theme of nature, more precisely, common element of both the cities – the nature park “Ogres Zilie Kalni”.

OITDA, in cooperation with Ogre State Technical school, works on design and creation of the stand. There is currently designed model that reflects the nature park and depicts Zilo kalnu path. Use of raw materials, found in nature, will create the sense of being in the forest during the exhibition. The nature park “Ogres Zilie kalni” is popular among walkers, runners, Nordic walkers, cyclists, swimmers, divers, bird watchers and landscape devotees, orienteering enthusiasts, cross-country skiers, skaters as well as nature lovers.

It is already known that the science, music, poetry and visual arts event “Dabas koncertzāle” will take place in this nature park. For the eighth year in a row Latvian scientists and musicians will talk, show and sing about nature of Latvia, this year’s main theme – ash-trees.

To engage the visitors of exhibition and make the stand more attractive, OITDA will offer them to make bird cages, which will later be placed in Zilie Kalni, thus encouraging visitors to visit the nature park and verify if cages, made during the exhibition, have put down the roots.

In cooperation with OST, visitors will be able to make cup pads from wood with one’s initials and other ornaments.

While this time focus is on leisure activities, company “Sniega Suņi” will also present themselves. They offer dog sled rides during winters and summers, activities with sled dogs in the open air or inside. During the exhibition, theoretical and practical consultations about training, dog sledding sports and equipment will be offered.

OITDA still invites the other county entrepreneurs to participate in the exhibition by presenting themselves and their offer (to discuss ideas, write to [email protected] or call -  29491685).

New videos representing Ogre and Ikšķile will be presented in the exhibition. After watching the videos, it will be possible to take part in a quiz and win prizes and gift cards, for instance, from Public Observatory in Suntaži.

Last year OITDA has worked hard and compiled the latest information on travel opportunities in the counties. As a result, information gathered have turned into a new travel guide, which will be offered in the exhibition in English, Latvian and Russian. In this guide one can find all information about tourist attractions, activities, accommodations, dining and other attractive offers.


“Balttour celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! If we compare it with a human life span, the show is now entering the stage of maturity, self-esteem and confidence. I am pleased with the growth and qualitative development of the exhibition. Every visitor of the exhibition, whether he is a Latvian or a world traveler, passionate cultural explorer or the hunter of new destinations will find at “Balttour 2013 something pleasing his heart and wallet,” the president of the Association of Latvian Travel Agents (ALTA) Kitija Gitendorfa tells.

This year, “Balttour” has reached a record number of participants – the exhibition halls “Travel Latvia” and “Discover the World!” will offer more than 300 stands where travel offers from about 700 tourism companies from Latvia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Georgia, Greece, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, India, Ghana and other countries will be presented.

Such countries as the land of impressions Vietnam, tropical Taiwan and one of the most ancient Asian countries Myanmar will be first presented at “Balttour”. The travel trade fair will bring together a record number of participants from our neighbouring countries Estonia and Lithuania – 33 companies.

More than 34 national tourism agencies, hotels, transport companies and other tourism-related businesses presenting themselves in both national and individual stands will take part in “Balttour 2013”. It is expected that this three-day event will amass more than 30,000 visitors.

Big travel market of the year 
“Especially favourable, sunny, unprecedented rates and unbelievable discounts...” the “Balttour 2013” participants describe their offer. The theme hall "Discover the World!" will thrill with a rich and unprecedented outbound travel deals at good prices. There you will find out both traditional travel destinations and new, more unusual travel routes.

It is our birthday but holidays and gifts are for you! 
"Eight cakes and one candle would be better!" – was Karlsson’s wish for Lillebror’s birthday. For its 20 anniversary, “Balttour” in conjoint with participating companies has prepared three impressive travel-related prizes, a huge cake for the opening and much fun! Birthday is birthday!

Visitors will have an opportunity to win a fabulous Valentine’s day flight to Paris, the best city to be for lovers, from airBaltic, exclusive holidays for two in a popular Turkish resort from Tez Tour and an unforgettable 15-day trip to the exotic India for two persons and a business class flight from the travel agency Jēkaba aģentūra and Turkish Airlines.

Diverse Latvia
The Hall “Travel Latvia!” will serve as a quality guide to explore Latvia where four Latvia’s regions – Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale – and the city of Jūrmala will present their inbound and domestic tourism facilities, hotels and guest houses, special offers, events, traditions and a variety of local dishes.

"Latvian participants this year are working hard to not only demonstrate the particularity of each region but also to present complex tourism products and itineraries so as visitors could opt for a full package – accommodation, catering, exciting or sportive activities someplace in Latvia,” the project manager Raimonds Borskis explains.

Vidzeme focuses on nature themes and invites to feel an adrenalin rush! 
Ogre and Ikšķile Tourism Development Agency will focus on nature themes presenting the common element of both the cities – the nature park “Ogres Zilie Kalni”. Visitors will be invited to make birdhouses that will be placed in park’s territory.

Vidzeme is going to present the new travel guide with concise information on tourist sites, opportunities for active recreation, lodgings, catering establishments and other travel related offers.

Seducing smell of farmstead treats will lure you to the Smiltene stand where local entrepreneurs and artisans will teach how to do different farmstead chores – to mill flour, to warp wool, to make a crazy quilt. Yummy country treats guaranteed.

Sigulda will present two novelties – the highest tower in the Eastern Europe and the sole cross-country skiing track in the Baltics. The Mežakaķis Adventure Park will invite visitors to enjoy the adrenalin rush adventure and test their agility. Gauja National Park on turn will present its tourism brand.

You will easily spot the conjoint exposition of Alūksne and Gulbene municipalities – their stand will resemble the narrow-gauge railway train. Get on and receive the latest brochure informing about the local narrow-gauge railway, the train schedule and important events held in both the municipalities.

Zemgale presents travel news for the region! 
Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre will present local travel news and invite visitors to take a walk along an impromptu promenade past the new Mītava pedestrian bridge, to take part in different competitions and activities, to taste local products and to learn about the tourism opportunities in Jelgava city and Jelgava and Ozolnieki municipalities. Moreover, everyone will be welcome to make a souvenir of Jelgava – to mint a coin.

Kurzeme invites to regional events! 
Pāvilosta municipality will invite to taste local treats that will take visitors to this beautiful county just for a while. Kurzeme is going to present the new brochure providing information about the travel opportunities and events to be held in Pāvilosta like the traditional Fishermen Festival, the Sand Sculpture Festival “The Grain of Golden Sand”, the town and parish festivals and more…

Latgale focuses on crafts! 
More than 30 artisans from Latgale – potters, blacksmiths, carpenters and other – will demonstrate their skills in Latgale stand. Taste the traditional dishes and join different activities. To learn about travel offer in Aukštaitija Region of Lithuania, Vitebsk Region of Belarus and Pskov Region of Russia, visit Latgale stand at “Balttour 2013”!

Cultural heritage
Liv coast and ventini, suiti, Lejaskurzeme, Zemgale, Sēlija, Latgale, Piebalga, Daugava River banks... these are eight of Latvia’s ethnographic regions to be presented at “Balttour 2013” by the Latvian Country Tourism Association “Lauku ceļotājs” (Country Traveller).

‘We will present multitude of new destinations for Latvian and foreign travellers, who wish to get acquainted with Latvian and Baltic cultural and historical sites and traditions. We will offer as well a “Worth Seeing” map of Latvia and Estonia presenting the national tourism values of both countries – farmsteads, farms, crafts and inns,’ the president of “Lauku ceļotājs” Asnate Ziemele told.

Exciting events! 
Although the weather forecast promises bitter frost and wind in early February, a real camel will greet visitors at the entrance of International Exhibition Centre. It turns out that winter does no harm to this animal and it will happily pose with you for a snapshot. Another object in the “Balttour” outdoor adventure area to take a picture of will be a cosmic throne sculpted in real ice and presented for the show by Jelgava city. The tiniest visitors will be welcome to Rabbit Town and meet its fluffy citizens. Ogre and Ikšķile Stand, on turn, offering the opportunities of active recreation in the nature park “Ogres Zilie kalni” will present Snow dogs.

Visit Balttour for family fun! 
"Balttour" will first present a theme amusement park “Štābiņparks” for kids. For a symbolic pay the young visitors will be given a possibility to attend it and play there in the company of nannies. While parents will take their time choosing tours and trips at the fair, their children will go on the round-the-world trip to learn about different cultures and history from the Middle Ages to the 21st century through different games and creative workshops.

Balttour Business Forum
For the second consecutive year a professional forum, 6–9 February, Riga, bringing together hundreds of travel industry professionals from the Baltic and CIS companies, national agencies and professional organisations will open the International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2013”.

"Balttour forum. Focus – CIS countries" is a business forum for tourism professionals of the Baltic and CIS countries is aimed to promote the exchange of tourism services within the region offering an efficient platform for buying and selling, discussions of tourism professionals and informal events for networking. More information:

The International Travel Trade Fair "Balttour 2013" and Forum is organized by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents (ALTA) with the support of International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Opening hours:
8 February 10.00–19.00 
9 February 10.00–18.00 
10 February 10.00–17.00

Open to Trade & Business visitors: 8 February 10.00-13.00 (LVL 7.50)

Ticket prices:
Full ticket – LVL 3
For schoolchildren and senior citizens – LVL 2.50
Family ticket (2+1) – LVL 7; more than one child – LVL 1 per child
Registered groups (10+) – LVL 2 per person
No entry fee for children under 7 years of age!

Additional information