Виноделие Лигатне

Ligatne's winery offer to taste and buy different wines that are made from fruit and berries harvested in the area of the National Park of Gauja.

Wines are made from fruits and berries in time, when they are completely ripe; in natural fermentation process. And they are tradicionaly apple, blaccurant-redcurrant wine, blaccurant wine and others. The biggest berry we make wine of is pumpkin. Also we like to experiment. So we made lilac and dandelion wines.


We offer about 20 kind of wine but our assortment changes sesionally. It depends on fermentation process.

Location on map

\"Vanagi\" Augšlīgatne, Līgatne parish, Līgatne county

Papildus informācija

Phone: 26521467 or 28602642
E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage: http://www.ligatnesvinadaritava.lv/