Salaspils district
Līvzemes iela 8, Salaspils, LV-2169

Salaspils district

The past and future paths blend together In Salaspils just like the ever-flowing streams of the River Daugava. Land of Salaspils is blessed with a very special destiny. In this place, which from time to time found itself at the crossroads of harsh historical events, our roots have been striking deep already for thousands of years. Today, Salaspils has grown into one of the biggest Latvian towns. Advantages of Salaspils are the following: proximity to Riga, convenient traffic and developed infrastructure are highly appreciated by almost 23,000 people in our region. Come to Salaspils and experience its history, unique rhythm and charm."

Krimuldas novads
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Lielvārdes novada pašvaldība
Raiņa iela 11A, Lielvārde, Lielvārdes novads, LV- 5070