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Bogshoe hiking in Latvian swamps

If you are looking for an unusual landscape and longing for silence, head to one of Latvia’s bogs. While in some European countries natural bogs have almost disappeared, you will be able to enjoy walks full of silence in pristine bogs in Latvia. No cars, people, bells and whistles surrounding you. It is the best antidepressant in the world and a great place to recharge.

Walking in swamps and bogs in bogshoes is exotic, environmentally friendly and, of course, practical. Guided bogshoe hikes help you learn many new and fascinating facts about the nature, origin, flora and fauna of swamps. The recommended duration of a bogshoe hike is about 2 to 4 hours; this creates a nice atmosphere and fills you up with new-found knowledge.

During the hike you will be able to see the world of moss, small pine trees, deep pools, tiny dark lakes, and smell wild rosemary. The astute visitor will notice the carnivorous plant of sundew, and a variety of birds – wood sandpipers, white wagtails, tree pipits, and also hear cranes further away. The bog land soil is poor in nutrients, acid and in many places sodden. Most trees are not able to endure the harsh conditions; therefore, there are only a few surviving species, like pine and birch; and the trees do not mature as they do in the forest.

During the passage of migratory birds the bog is an excellent place for bird viewing. There are times when flocks of hundreds of birds – geese and cranes – can be seen flying over the bog land, the sound of their cries lingering in the air.

Bog shoeing trip can be varied with the length of the route and the duration of the hike from 3 hours up to the whole day.

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You can go hiking at any time of the year, but by prior arrangement and booking a date.




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