Ogre County Council


Ogre County is located in the southwest of Vidzeme.


It consists of 9 parishes and the town of Ogre. Ogre has developed in banks of two rivers - Daugava and Ogre.

Development of Ogre and its neighborhood is associated with the construction of the first railway line Riga - Daugavpils. Railway and favorable geographic and climatic conditions contributed Ogre development, allowing it to become a summer cottage and resting-place, and already in 1862, residents of Riga, began to arrive here to relax and have a fun. In 1865 Ogre has been declared as resort.


Ogre is a new city, it was conferred the city rights only in 1928. The attraction to the city is giving buildings that were built in the 20th -30th of last century. In recent years landscaped square, called also the hurt of Town has become the gathering place for locals and visitors. There are taking place such events as local music, art, sports, and other entertainments.
Walking through the historic center of the Ogre and Brīvības street you will discover the architecture and historical buildings of 20th century's 20th-30th years, which importance you will deeply understand visiting the Ogre History and Art Museum. In Ogre also is found the longest arch bridge in Latvia and world-famous Guides and Scouts Movement Museum, which is the only Museum of this type in Baltic States. Ogre keeps alive the old traditions, so you can flex your skills in ceramic art at the potter Jānis Zviedrs and in the ceramic workshop "Sproģi."

We invite to enjoy the natural beauty in the dendrological park "Lazdukalni" where you can see different species of trees, plantings, and climb up in the view tower, which offers great views to the Daugava River. If you crave for more expanses, activities and fresh piney air, then you are welcomed to the country park "Ogre Blue Hills", where the rest of the daily stress and pressure can found a lonely dreamer, nature and bird observer, recreational enthusiasts such as, cyclers, runners, walkers, swimmers, divers, orienteering enthusiasts, and cross-country skiers for whom are annually cultivated various cross-country ski slopes.


Municipalities of Ogre also offer various interesting and exciting attractions. In Suntaži anyone can visit the public observatory where one can make observations either by day or by night, look at the collection of meteorites and get familiar with techniques used in observations. In the manor castle and museum of Suntaži one can learn the history of the municipality and school, as well as climb in the tower of the castle and enjoy the surrounding scenery. A great resting-place for the whole family is in the Swing Park in Ķeipene, where can be found the highest swings of Latvia and many other objects where one can swing how much it wish. Right there in Ķeipene is situated Ķeipene's cinema station- old railway station with the only remaining railway track between Riga and Ērgļi. Here you can see exposition for outstanding film director Sergejs Eizenšteins, an ancient cinema equipment, and environmental installation - a giant table (6m high) for film great minds, which can also be used as a viewing platform. However, if you want something more active and exciting, then such activities can enjoy in the sport club "Caunes" where you can flex your skills at archery, or enjoy  the "Snow Dogs" or "Forster"  trip with dog carts that are offered in both winter and summer.

More information about these and other offers can be found in
Website of Ogre and Ikšķile Tourism Development Agency www.latvijascentrs.lv

Location on map

Ogre, Brīvības str. 12a, Lv-5001

Papildus informācija

Phone: +371 65071883, 29491685
E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage: http://www.visitogre.lv
Worktime: 9:00 - 18:00 (in the summer season from 1.05. to 30.09.), 10:00 - 17:00 (in the winter season from 01.10. to 30.04.)

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