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VIDZEMES TŪRISMA ASOCIĀCIJAS STATŪTI un valde, Vidzemes Tūrisma asociācijaBoard of Vidzeme Tourism Association (VTA) is composed of 15 Members. Most of the Board Members are Heads of Vidzeme Municipalities, but there are also some entrepreneurs and tourism professionals. The aim of the Board is to represent the interests concerning tourism in Vidzeme Municipalities, decide upon involvement in the projects as well as to set the direction of the VTA.

Mr. Raitis Sijāts is the elected Chairman of VTAs' Board.

VTA Board as of 2018

1 Eva Staltmane

Amata municipality

2 Guna Ķibere Rūjiena municipality
3 Guna Švika Gulbene municipality
4     Vecpiebalga municipality representative
5 Guntars Velcis Ērgļi municipality
6 Jānis Zilvers Sigulda municipality
7 Gita Memmēna Saulkrasti municipality
8 Ilze Briede Country house "Donas"
9 Evija Zurģe Rauna Municipality
10 Ilze Millere Limbaži municipality
11 Daiga Jurēvica Carnikava municipality
12 Raitis Sijāts Chairman of the Board
13 Evija Nagle Kocēni municipality
14 Iveta  Sproģe  
15 Gunta Zaķīte Turaida Museum Reserve